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Staff, Boards and Committees – March 2017 – March 2018
Minister:  Interim
Music Director/Choir Director:  Erin Grainger
Organist:  Stephan Conrady
Church Secretary:   Sue Powers

Church office hours: Mon – Fri 8:00 to 11:00     802 – 524 – 4555

Board of Trustees

Trustees are custodians of the church property and serve as signatories

  • President:  Paula Kane
  • VP:
  • Secretary:  
  • Greg Beeman
  • Jo Ann Chambers
  • Bill Cristman
  • Park Newton
Board of Deacons

Deacons assist with Worship service and care of members of the church

  • Chair: Sandy Cristman
  • Vice Chair: Pat Morton
  • Nancy Holland
Board of Christian Education

Responsible for Christian Education for children and adults

  • Chair: Nancy Newton


Music Committee

Oversees the music of the church

  •  Chair: 
  •  Secretary: 
  •  Choir Director/Music Director (Ex Officio): Erin Grainger
  •  Organist (Ex Officio): Stephan Conrady
  •  Christian Education Representative:
  •  Trustee Representative: Jo Ann Chambers
  •  Deacon Representative: Sandy Cristman
  •  Alice Drislane


Missions Committee

Involved with church outreach

  • Hadley Priebe Shannon, Coordinator
  • Mary Bostwick
  • Don Collins
  • Nancy Newton


Visioning Committee:

Exploring and realizing church goals

  • Ray Brown
  • JoAnn Chambers
  • Sandy Cristman
  • Paula Kane
  • Nancy Newton


Pastoral Relations Committee

Assisting the Minister

  • Deacon Representative:  Sandy Cristman
  • Trustee Representative:  
  • Christian Education Representative:
  • At Large: Mary Bostwick


Stewardship Committee:

Assisting with Pledge Drives etc

  • Trustee Representative:
  • Treasurer:  Alan Shannon


Nominating Committee:

Assist with filling Board and Committee vacancies

  • Trustee Representative:  Greg Beeman
  • Deacon Representative:  Nancy Holland
  • Christian Education Representative: 
  • At Large: 


Church Historians:

Responds to requests for records research, maintains historical data and files.

  • Temporary:  Sue Powers, Church Secretary


Church Auditor:

Audits the Church financials

  • Paul Velardo


Church Clerk:

Warns church meetings.  Takes meeting minutes.  Keeps records of all church members, funerals, weddings, baptisms etc.

  • Temporary:  Sue Powers, Church Clerk



Welcomes new members and attendees.  Organize receptions as requested and other church formal gatherings.

  • Susan Collins
  • Ellen Read


Building and Grounds:

Oversees the general upkeep and condition of the building and grounds.

  • Park Newton
  • Greg Beeman