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Volunteering Opportunity – – VIDEOGRAPHY:

Greg Beeman - videographer volunteer

Greg Beeman – videographer volunteer

The First Congregational Church of St. Albans records a DVD for airing over Channel 15 Public Access Cable TV in Franklin County.  This is a valuable outreach church mission that reaches many hundreds of people who cannot attend our church services.  The Word of God reaches those who wish to hear the Word of God our the religious message weekly.


viedography 3

Training will be provided for those who wish to be on the video team.


recording worship 2

Lane McElree, “Captain” of the video team.

Videographers are needed for this community service.  Are you a Scout or Graduating Senior needing Community Service?  Are you an interested party wishing to help with these gifts to those who cannot join our service?  Have you thought of bringing a church service to those recovering from illness, or those who cannot leave their homes?  This may be your way of giving!  Please call the church office, and leave your name and contact information, to the attention of Lane McElree for videography training ( 802 – 524 – 4555 ).



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Another volunteering opportunity:  BECOMING A CLOCK WINDER

The clock in the bell tower of the church has been a focal point of the city of St. Albans for 110 years.

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The F.W. Howard clock, from Boston and Neely bell, from Philadelphia were installed shortly after the completion of the building in 1894.  The bell was used as the community fire alarm, and continues chiming the hour, for the community.  It is a hand wound mechanism, and must be wound weekly.  There is an electric device to assist in the winding task, however, there is still a stalwart bunch, who opt for the traditional method of using the hand crank.



If you would like to join this illustrious and hearty team of men and women winders, you would be most welcome.  A short training session will be offered and supervision for a time or two, as needed.  Give it some thought.  You don’t have to be a church member to wind.  Community members have been on the team.  Contact the church office at 524-4555, and Park Newton, Captain of the Winders, will be happy to get in touch with you to begin. You can added to the winding team with a schedule that fits your available time.  The only constraint is that the clock must be wound on Sundays.